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SOS Children's Village

On April 6th, 2024, we volunteered at the SOS Children’s Village Color Run. In the months leading up to the run, we focused our efforts on fundraising and were able to raise a substantial amount to donate to the organization. The event was a great time for everyone. It included many different activities and supplied snacks and drinks. Participants in the run consisted of all age ranges and everyone was having a good time. More importantly, it was all for a great cause. SOS Children’s Village cares for children that were removed from their families and placed into foster care. They house children ranging from newborn to eighteen. They provide safety, security, stability, and give support to the children to help deal with things such as emotions, academic improvement, and social skills. Additionally, children that have aged out of foster care are provided with a “NEXT STEPS” program that includes life coaches, affordable housing support, employment assistance, financial management, and many other services to provide resources to build successful lives. For more information on how to support this organization, please visit



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